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Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Drugs and Alcohol

New ways to treat conditions.  New people available to help.  New facilities that are actually effective.  All that and MORE on Addiction- Got A Minute? 


A video news magazine focused on trending developments in the addiction world.  We interview those with news to share, get inspired to take action by what we learn, and hope you get motivated to spread the news.  

Topics Of Concern

These are just a few items crossing our path


  • Heroin vs Fentynal

  • Benzodiazepines- Mothers little helpers?

  • Why one hit of Naltrexone won't cut it anymore

  • Why Buprenorphine/Suboxone/Subutex works 

  • Weed is legal.  Why should I worry if my kids smoke?

  • And much much more  See more >>

Our Guests

Hear from industry leaders and boots on the streets:


  • PCP Physicians

  • Addiction Specialists

  • Recovery/Sobriety Coaches

  • Sober Transport

  • ER doctors, nurses, and crisis clinicians

  • Recovery stories  See more >>

Be Part Of The Recovery Community 


“I'd about given up on my son when I heard of a place on the show that fit his personality.  I called Howie and he set it all up. ”

Audrey S


“Love how much fun they have on the show.  I know how difficult dealing with addiction is, but you've got to go through life with hope and motivation, and that's just what they gave us, and it's working.  THANK YOU GUYS!

Arthur M

“I'd heard of Howie's work but didn't feel comfortable calling till I watched the show.  He's the same in person, made us all comfortable, and now my son is treatment, healthy and happy with how he's doing.

Betty T


“Everyone else gave up on me and my son.  I called Howie and a week later we were on our way to treatment.  A blessing... he's a real blessing!”

Ralph P

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