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3/22/19 Episode 16 Bobbie Lima 

I've got a connection to Bobbie Lima for a couple of reasons, one of them that she too is a graduate of Cambridge College with a Masters Degree in Education Counseling Psychology. But she has a medical foundation being a graduate of Massachusetts General Hospital School of Practical Nursing. Added to her credit is her training with the Hazelden Center, the Rutgers School of Alcohol Studies, Harvard Medical School of Continuing Education; “Treating the Addictions”, the Caron Foundation for Co-dependency and Adult Children of Alcoholics and training at the Onsite Institute with Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse utilizing experiential methods.  Her work experience is vast and includes rehab facilities and as a therapist at the Breakthrough Program at Caron- a residential personal growth workshop designed for those struggling with unhealthy relationship patterns developed from early attachment wounds, and has extensive training in experiential action methodologies. You've got to love her philosophy: “The Joy is in the Journey.”!


On the show, she talked about her style of engagement, philosophy in treatment, and shared how her broad view of how experiential therapies can help unlock underlying issues was a prominent feature of discussion and recommended the following texts. Click on them takes you to YouTube overviews:


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